Television inspection is the most accurate diagnostic tool that allows you to determine the condition of pipelines in order to offer a particular method of restoration (repair) on the basis of this diagnosis, as well as to make diagnostic quality control of the works carried out for the restoration and repair of engineering networks. Tele-inspection is not only a quick receipt of information about the condition of pipes, but also a quick payback compared to any other methods of pipeline research

Телеинспекция от компании РОСТ

The television inspection process allows: ​​

  1. to carry out diagnostics of pipelines with a diameter from 50 to 3000 mm with a length of the inspected site up to 500 m;
  2. detect even small cracks and leaks;
  3. determine pipe deformations, leaks, divergence and displacement of joints;
  4. to carry out quality control of newly built and repaired networks;

The advantages of the television inspection:​

  • when performing diagnostics it is not required to dig out and dismantle the site or even the entire pipeline system
  • accurate detection of faults or defects / defects in the pipe
  • significantly reduces the time of examination of the pipe and therefore can be carried out directly after the installation of the pipeline in the presence of the customer


Research can be conducted for a variety of communications:

oil pipelines, gas pipelines, drainage, economic Sewerage, internal Sewerage of buildings (risers, drains), water pipes and heating mains, ventilation.

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