pipelines made from different materials


restoration of the pipeline carrying capability up to 95 % of the pipeline cross-sectional area


cleaning from all type of deposits

The most important factor affecting the operation of pipeline systems, regardless of the purpose (water supply, heat supply, technological pipelines), is the formation of deposits of different nature. This leads to a violation of the specified technological parameters, significant energy overruns and other operating costs.

Deposits, the cause of violation of hydraulic regimes, as internal fouling of pipes leads to a decrease in the flow section up to its complete blockage and termination of the liquid supply. We offer the following methods of cleaning pipelines from solid deposits

Techniques of pressure pipelines cleaning:

Hydro cavitation. It is used for cleaning the inner surfaces of pressure pipelines. The length of the line is limited by distribution nodes and changes of pipelines cross section shape. Diameter from 80 to 1500 mm.

Hydrodynamic cleaning means mechanical impacts on the inner cavity of the pipe with the aid of a high-pressure water jet. The surface becomes clean by flushing. The pipe is free from any deposits. This technique is highly effective. It is more suitable for 50 to 800 mm diameter pipes with a length of 200 meters maximum.

Method of water hammer is featured by a rapid supply of high-pressure air into a pipe full of water. As a result, a permanent hydro shock breaks up solid deposits that are flushed out. Suitable for 100 to 2000 mm diameter pipes

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    Cleaning of pressure pipelines made from any materials from all types of deposits

    We use innovative technologies

    We offer an innovative development-self-propelled pistons.

    Pistons are used for cleaning pressure pipelines having a diameter of 100-2500 mm.

    The piston moves in the pipeline in the fluid flow. The distance between the points where the piston is started and received reaches several tens of kilometers